Northamerican Alied Fruit Experimenters

Northamerican Alied Fruit Experimenters
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Sunday, June 25, 2017

[nafex] NAFEX-NNGA annual meeting

Good Morning Everyone,

Attached is the combined annual meeting announcement and registration
form for the North American Fruit Explorers and Northern Nut Growers.
Members of the Southern fruit Fellowship are also invited. This meeting
is only 7 weeks away so please get your reservation in as quickly as
possible and don't forget to reserve the motel room. If you have never
attended an annual meeting of either organization this should be your 1st.

These are the current speakers and presentation titles:

Lenny Wells Cultural Management of Southeastern Pecans
Patrick Conner Scab resistant pecan cultivars
Jim Dutcher Safe, Inexpensive, Effective, and Long-lasting
Biological Controls for Pecan Insects and Mites
Will Easterlin Pecan Marketing in Georgia
Tom Brenneman Pecan truffles-A fungus with a future!
Bob Wallace Our Nuts are Bigger: 38 Years Living in a Nut Farm
Dennis Fulbright Was the 2016 Michigan Chestnut Harvest an Anomaly or
Lester Davis The Trail of Hybrid ChinquapinXChestnut From
Seed to Deltaville, Va
Elisa Lauritzen Characterization of Black Walnut Genotypes for
Resistance to Thousand Canker Disease
Jerry VanSambeek Thousand Canker Disease Update for the Eastern U.S.
Chuck Mashburn Making Syrup from Black Walnut Trees
Brian Hammons Black Walnut Research & Promotion Builds Future
Supply & Demand
Nicole Barber Use of Guilds to Grow Healthy Fruit & Nut Trees
Ron Powell What's feeding on my pawpaw?
Dr. Jed Fahey Moringa oleifera (Drumstick Tree): Opportunities
for Its Development as a Food and Medicine
Jerry Lehman Update, Commercializing American Persimmon
Vicki Huges Georgia Olives
AJ Bullard Mulberry, Myths and Mysteries Unveiled
AJ Bullard Mulberry Propagation and Culture
John Kelsey Growing and Evaluating EFB-Resistant Hazelnut Cultivars
in West Virginia
Tom Molnar Update on Eastern Filbert Blight Fungus: It's Genetic
Diversity and Implications for Hazelnut Breeding
Ted Cottrell Biology and Management of Stink Bugs in Orchards
Justin Holt Nutty Buddy Collective: Growing A Community-Supported
Perennial Agriculture
Wayne Hanna/Lindy Savell New Cold Tolerant Citrus for the Southern
USA-must scheule for Tuesday
Heather Machovina Micropropagation: The Next Approach to Your Edible
Production Success
Patrick Conner Growing Muscadine Grapes
Craig Kvein The Future Farmstead
David Hasty Historic Orchards & Old Fruit Trees
Marcus Toole GSU Botanic Garden
Sandi Newman Georgia Gleaning Project
Rhonda Britton Growing Jujube
Eliza Greenman Tree Fruit Explorers back to back with Pete Halupka
Pete Halupka Tree Fruit Explorers back to back with Pete

Hope to see you all there,

Jerry Lehman