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Saturday, March 11, 2017

[nafex] "Indian peach" seeds

J L Hudson, Seedsman, is offering "Indian peach" seeds.

—Prunus Persica 'Indian Peach'. (10) PRUN-97. Packet: $2.50 [ten seeds per packet]
100 seed: $15.00
Fresh seed stored in cold storage.
'INDIAN PEACH'. Small peaches with small seed, but very delicious. Comes true from seed. Peaches were introduced very early by the Spanish, and spread among the Indians and taken as their own. Very productive, said to produce the third year from seed, bearing heavy crops of the small delicious peaches. Plant on receipt.

I have ordered from this company for many years and have been happy with their seeds, though I have not tried these peaches.

--Henry Fieldseth
Minneapolis, Minnesota, Zone 4
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